Shanny’s Signature Cookies


I’ve always enjoyed creating in the kitchen, making savoury dinners and sharing them with family making long lasting memories. During one of our classic 1980’s kitchen moments my wife Sharon asked me to try making some melt in your mouth shortbread cookies. I promised her I would try to one day. Well that day arrived shortly before the holidays later that year. The inaugural batch of cookies made in 1985 filled the house with a sweet aroma and our taste buds with satisfaction. Sharon,our six year old daughter and I decided to make this a family tradition. These homemade heavenly melt in your mouth shortbread cookies were a must every holiday season. While my wife has passed on my daughter and I continue to enjoy and share our cookies with family and friends. The buzz for these shortbread cookies increased over the years and taste buds keep calling for more. So in 2016, with our secret recipe in hand and an inherent freedom of fear we launched “SHANNY’S SHORTBREAD COOKIES” making our delicious cookies available to YOU! We invite you to enjoy our freshly-baked traditional Shortbread Cookies!

The Baker

Hi my name is Ed Toppin. I am the Owner,CEO and Baker of Shanny’s Shortbread Cookies. Our products are prepared in a Commercial Kitchen, using only top quality ingredients. Yes we use creamery butter. Our Shortbread Cookies are available in assorted flavours and a variety of packaging. Perfect for everyday snacking or for Gifts, Special Events, Weddings, Holidays, Corporate Functions and Fundraisers. Custom orders are available on request. So why not indulge. I know you will fall in love with our melt in your mouth Shortbread Cookies. That’s a promise from The Cookie Monster.

Shanny's Shortbread Store

I bought a box of your shortbread chocolate-chip cookies for my son on
Saturday. I must say, besides my Mom’s cookies, which I miss so much,
these cookies are the best cookies I have ever had. Keep up the great work
and thank you for these divine treats. They have lasted this long because
they are hidden where I only know where they are.


I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much my husband & I
enjoyed your shortbread. Last weekend we were presented with a gift of your cookies and being Scottish I can tell you these are the best buttery
mouthwatering shortbread we’ve had here in Canada.


Didn’t enjoy Shortbread much until I came across Shanny’s Shortbread
sooo sooo good!!!! Now, I gift it. Can’t wait till I receive my recent order .


Everyone loved them! They were delicious. They definitely met our
expectations. We got lots of nice compliments!


I wanted to post the pic of the cookies, but they were gone in minutes!


Hi, I was the vendor that got the two packs of cookies from you yesterday!!
The cookies were amazing!!


Of course - The cookies are “PHENNOMENAL”!!!!


I’ve had so many cookies in the past week, I think I’m part cookie now.
Shortbread are among my top favourite cookies.,and these
shannys_shortbread cookies were some of the best! sugar.snail,studio

Sugar Nail Studio

Your cookies are amazing!!!! The cranberry white chocolate are so delicious.
You converted my husband who isn’t a shortbread fan. He loves them.

Bought 5 bags of Shortbread today and they were delicious!


You have to be laser focused to bake hundreds of cookies covering the l length of the holiday event. WOW!, that’s an awesome challenge. It looks like you’re well on the way to introduce a new population to Shanny’s Shortbread Cookies. Congratulations!


Just had one of your shortbread cookies. It was the best shortbread I have had!! Just MELT IN YOUR MOUTH!!


Bought the caramel and chocolate chip Shortbread Cookies!! This morning at the Port Credit Farmers Market. SOOO GOOOOOD!! They melt in your mouth. Highly recommend you get some!! Great for children -Best biscuits.


Today was the first time I had Shanny’s Shortbread Cookies!!! Nothing short of AMAZING!!


Really amazing chocolate chip shortbread cookies that melt in your mouth.


Hi Ed, your shortbread was such a hit at the office this week!!! Everyone was asking me where they can buy, so I passed along your brochures!

Thanks Jenny, My pleasure - the cookies speak for themselves!!

They’re so yummy!


I purchased a box of your wonderful cookies at the Beechwood and would love to order some more. I’ll need a fair number of cookies with a variety of flavours. Could I order 3 dozen. Thanks again! Love your cookies!!!


My mom bought a box of your Almond shortbread Bites and I devoured them. They were so delicious! Best shortbread I’ve ever tried! I have a couple of events coming up and I wondered if I could place an order for some bites. I would like as many as 6 boxes of bites if you can make them in time. Thank you.


Hi Ed, thank you so much for getting back to me. My mom said she reached out to you to order cookies as well! We just love the cookies so much! Can I place an order for the following; 6 boxes of shortbites, original (1). Almond (2), Lemon (1), Coconut (1), Peanut Butter (1), Thanks so much.